Electricity in Texas is supplied by a selection of electric companies, all of which are watched over by the Texan Public Utility Commission. If you live in Texas then you have the opportunity to choose which electric company you want to use. This allows you to make sure you are getting the best possible service, for the best price.

Texas is one of the most deregulated states in our country. This means that electric companies have the opportunity to serve the deregulated areas of Texas. The steps described in this article only work in Texas. Currently, most other states do not allow their citizens to choose which electric company they would like to use. Hopefully that will change soon.

Since you can choose who you want to provide your electricity in Texas, it pays to shop around. It is often possible to save money on electric bills by switching to a different electricity provider.

First, if you are trying to choose an electricity company in Texas then you should begin by finding out which suppliers are available by searching the web for “cheap Texas electricity” or similar type search phrases. You should then compare the services and payment plans that the different sites have to offer.

Second, many companies are looking to pick up new customers and they are well aware that Texans will be looking around for the best deal. This means that there are often offers available to new customers who are changing their electricity provider. Some of these deals are a great value, but you should always check what you would be expected to pay once any offer has finished by reading the electricity facts label.

Third, when you are choosing a payment plan, you should think carefully about what you are getting. You can choose a fixed rate plan, which will stay the same throughout your contract, or a variable rate plan, where the amount that you are paying will change depending on what is happening in the electricity market. A fixed rate provides more security, but a variable rate could be cheaper if electricity costs go down. If the price of electricity rises, however, you will be paying the higher price on a variable rate plan, but saving money if you have fixed your price.

Fourth, before you sign a contract, you should check whether there are any hidden costs, such as deposits or fees. You can find these fees on the electricity facts label.